marcello buffa


Marcello Buffa

Head of Post Production


– Skill of creative synthesis in the composition and presentation of projects
– Art Direction: experience and knowledge in visual communication (traditional graphics, motion graphics, advertising, television, film, web, theme parks)
– extensive experience in the development of communication ideas in various forms of presentation, the innovative media platforms to traditional channels (television themes, commercials, institutional films, documentaries …) including special formats such as 3D, IMAX, 360 °, and special applications shows and exhibitions
– deep knowledge of digital post-production for film and television and facilities related to it
– deep knowledge of the labs and of their workflow
– deep knowledge of photography, lenses, 16-35mm-cameras and digital cameras (Alexa-Red-Epic…)
– deep knowledge of imaging systems and of their movements, motion control, dolly, steadycam…..
– deep knowledge of the Digital Intermediate process
– natural inclination to facilitate teamwork
– over 10 years of experience in the operation of compositing systems (Quantel, Discreet)
– over 15 years of experience in major Italian facilities
– over 10 years of experience in set supervising
– over 15 years of experience in post-production, compositing and Vfx supervising
– I’m continually looking for projects that can help me to grow professionally
– also interested in the knowledge dissemination and transfer learning experience