Andrea Parisi


Andrea Parisi

Digital Matte Painter – VXF artist


It was 1983, a 6-year-old child was fascinated forever by the image of a Imperial-class Star Destroyer that
crossed the galaxy occupying the whole CRT TV screen.
“Daddy, when I grow up I’ll build spaceships and I will draw laser swords!”
This event changed my life forever, pure love for VFX …

My name is Andrea Parisi. I am a Digital Matte Painter and VFX Artist.
With 15 years of experience and a great passion for Creative Arts and Post-production I developed a strong
visual ability, creative work management and problem solving. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in
Visual Communication at the Polytechnic of Milan.
Currently I work for Italian digital effects companies to create concepts, illustrations, matte paint, animatic
and motion graphics.
Recent work ADV : Fastweb – SISAL – BMW – Bayer – Zalando – Trelleborg – Fiat – Alfa Romeo.

My Areas of Expertise:

Art & Creative Direction | Visual Design
I apply creative rules for the creation of stories, concepts, and to develop symbolic images with a strong
visual impact, advertising campaigns and video.

Matte Paint & Compositing | Concept Art
I gained a concrete experience in composition and digital photo editing. I have a thorough knowledge of
photographic theories to manage shots, lights, colors, contrasts and depths. I have a strong eye for
photorealism and technical experience with the latest workflows in the 2D and 3D environment. Mainly I
create, extend or improve shooting environments with the integration of photographic and/or rendered
elements to obtain photorealistic results.

3D | VFX
I know the production workflow for animated and digital projects. I know virtual modeling and theories
behind materials, shadings, textures and projections. I have years of experience to making VFX and Motion
Graphics. I designed virtual reality environments and augmented reality exhibitions. I have realized projects
mapping for international events

Software skills:
Photoshop – Illustrator – After Effects – Premiere – Fuse+Mixamo – Cinema 4D – Maya – Substance Painter –
Nuke – Unreal Engine.